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Al Is On is a leading and award winning Communication Company with over thirteen years experience in using modern day tools as a vehicle for behavior change, advertising, training and entertainment. Equipped with a research tools, we have a track record in public education, sensitization and awareness - raising campaigns through electronic media and adopting into print and theater. Our training division harnesses the power to communicate. Offering a full studio experience, we equip our clients with; strong skills for oration, presentation and media appearances.

Production for screen, digital and print, Television Commercials, Photography, Documentaries, News Features, Television Shows, Films, Corporate Theater and Events


Use of research and theatre infused tools for transformation and modification of influences on audience knowledge, perceptions, misconceptions, attitudes by developing well-defined messages, channels and methods




(Winner) Best TV Drama - KALASHA Awards 2011

(Nominee) Best Lead Actor in a TV drama - KALASHA Awards 2011

(Nominee) Best TV drama - KALASHA Awards 2010

(Nominee) Best Lead Actor in a TV drama - KALASHA Awards 2010


(Nominee) Best TV Drama - KALASHA Awards 2012/2013/2014

(Winner) Best Lead Actress in a TV drama - KALASHA Awards 2014


(Winner) Best Lead Actress - KIFF 2010/KALASHA 2010

(Winner) Best Cinematography - KIFF 2010


(Nominee/Winner) Numerous international awards 2011/2012


(Nominee) Best Script/Best Short Film/Best Lead Actor 2014

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